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What is Zinc Alloy

Naturally occurring zinc is not found in nature and is often found in the form of sulfide and oxidized minerals. In the sulfide minerals, zinc mainly exists in the form of sphalerite, while in the oxide minerals, zinc mainly exists in the form of galvanizing and heteropolar. Most of the raw materials used in the modern zinc smelting industry are sulfide minerals. At the same time, there are few single zinc deposits in nature, and they are usually associated with other metals, such as lead-zinc ore, copper-zinc ore, and copper-lead-zinc ore.

Zinc alloy is based on zinc and is composed of other elements, Common elements include copper, aluminum, lead, magnesium, cadmium, titanium, and other low-temperature zinc alloys. Zinc alloy has easy fusion welding, low melting point, good fluidity, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, and the disabled material is easy to recover and remelt. However, the creep strength is low and the size change is easily caused by natural aging. which is suitable for melting methods, die casting, or pressure processing.
The main added elements of zinc alloy are aluminum, magnesium, and copper. Zinc alloy can be divided into deformation and casting zinc alloy based on processing technology. Zinc die casting has corrosion resistance and good fluidity, suitable for die casting instruments, automobile parts shells, and so on.

zinc alloy

Advantages of Using Zinc

1. Zinc alloy injection ratio pressure from thousands to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of kPa filling speed is about 10 to 50 meters per second, the highest even to 100 meters per second filling time is short, generally in 10 milliseconds to 200 milliseconds, time can be completed.

2. Zinc alloy has a low melting point, which can melt at 385, and is easier to die cast than other alloys. Good fluidity, melting and die casting, no iron absorption, no corrosion pressure, and no stick mold. These characteristics make zinc alloy high volume production zinc alloy a pay mold, there can be multiple products, and the life of the mold is long, a pay mold can achieve hundreds of thousands of times or even millions of times of die casting small hot chamber die casting machine can die casting 3000 to 7000 times a day on average easy to achieve mass production, mechanization, and automation.

3. Good casting performance, can die casting of the complex thin wall of precision parts, casting surface smooth. Zinc alloy die casting products with high dimensional accuracy, good surface finish, high strength and hardness, strength than the general sand casting increased by 25 to 30 percentage points, size stability, good interchangeability can die casting thin-walled complex products The minimum wall thickness of the money zinc alloy die casting product is 0.3 mm, the aluminum alloy is 0.5 mm, the minimum cast aperture is 0.7 mm, and the minimum pitch is 0.75 mm.

4. Easy to process, can be surface treatment, electroplating spray paint. Due to the precise size of the zinc alloy die, the die-casting products only need a very small amount of processing that can be directly used, improving the utilization efficiency of the alloy, but also reducing a lot of processing equipment and time, so the product price is very cost-effective.

5. Zinc alloy corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, the defect material is easy to recover and remelt, secondary use so zinc alloy die casting products are more and more widely used, its mass production, excellent performance, high-cost performance, and other advantages make zinc alloy die casting products occupy a place in the die casting industry.

Zinc Die Casting Process

Zinc alloy die casting production and processing process: Raw materials dissolved, die-casting mold, zinc ingots (die-casting) – phi front will have burrs need to remove excess (molding die-casting), tapping (i.e., drilling, screw holes), polishing (make product appearance smooth), surface treatment (plating, sandblasting, painting, electrophoresis, highlights, fuel injection, silk screen, wire drawing, laser carving, etc.), QC inspection (quality guarantee), Packing.

The hot chamber die casting machine has a high degree of automation, less material loss, and higher production efficiency than the cold chamber die casting machine, but restricted by the heat resistance of the machine, it is really used in the casting production of zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, and other low melting point materials. Today’s widely used aluminum alloy die casting gold, due to the high melting point, can only be produced on the cold chamber die casting machine, so the choice of die casting machine is also very critical.


Zinc Die Casting Applications

Zinc alloy die-casting products, with the best surface quality, has been widely used in the manufacture of toys, tableware, locks, hardware, ornaments, electrical and electronic castings, bathroom accessories, auto parts, zippers, metal buckle, watchcase, fans, household appliances, household appliances, photographic equipment, audio, mechanical and electrical products and other parts With the rapid development of electronic products, zinc alloy die casting provides a new market zinc alloy die casting electromagnetic shielding performance is very good, and has excellent thermal conductivity, thin wall casting performance has been used for television channel frequency converter, computer and other electronic products in the shell cover support frame Die-cast zinc alloy provides a good way for the manufacture of product parts requiring electromagnetic shielding. In Japan, the optical pickup enclosures in CD and VCD are die-cast with zinc alloy.

Surface finishing

Zinc alloy surface treatment has sandblasting, polishing, electroplating, makeup, electrophoresis and other sandblasting is the use of mechanical shot peening zinc alloy casting surface treatment into bite flower or sesame sand surface effect polishing is the use of mechanical grinding zinc alloy casting surface treatment into bright mirror effect Electroplating is the use of electrochemical methods in the fulfillment of plating a layer of zinc alloy castings surface treatment have adornment effect of copper, nickel, chromium, silver, gold and other metal layer Apply makeup is spray paint or spray light oil electrophoresis paint is a kind of electric charge, under the influence of electric field, with a positive charge or negatively charged paint will move to the cathode and anode, and deposition film on the surface, after dry became a film.

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