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    Decades ago, ancient forgers realized they could change the shape and dimensions of certain existing metals to their desired shapes. This discovery marked the beginning of the forging processes. Under heat treatment, metals like aluminum alloy can become malleable and shaped to forge a wide range of products.

    Over the years, the aluminum forging process has evolved and become the source of aluminum alloy forgings that are used in several industries across the globe. The parts with complex shapes from forging aluminum alloys are always in high demand. However, it is best to buy your products from a reputable source.

    We have established a massive business with the resources and workforce to produce, sell and ensure fast delivery of forged aluminum products with the best features. Our business model is customer-centered and directed at helping wholesalers access a reliable product source to meet their market demand.

    Our company’s manufacturing process is monitored by experienced professional production engineers who understand the value of providing good customer experiences and building lasting relationships.

    Building a Global Brand

    We have leveraged our vast resources and excellent customer relations to build a global brand that serves investors interested in handling sales and retail of products made from aluminum forging processes. We aim to maintain and grow our customer base by providing products that consistently meet the top industry standards at affordable prices.

    Visit our website, and browse the product pages to view all we have to offer. And we have given you the opportunity to ask questions or place orders directly. All you have to do is send us your customer contact form with order requests or any questions, and we will reply quickly.

    Why Our Aluminum Forgings Stand Out

    We have mastered a crucial production process to ensure our customers get only the best products on the market. During the aluminum forging process, we focus on achieving a perfect shape for the parts being made and enhanced mechanical properties.

    The importance of improving the mechanical properties of the aluminum parts we make is for durability and achieving perfection when we have huge orders for very complex shapes. In addition to that, we are certain all our products will have a high strength to weight ratio and impressive performance when used in machines, cars, or other equipment.

    The ways people use these aluminum forgings is an indication that they must have a high load-bearing capacity. These are parts that support other bigger parts in different automobile engines or huge equipment. We are certain our customers will be impressed by the performance of the aluminum alloy parts we sell.

    Our Clients

    We serve various prestigious clients in thriving industries. This is why we have invested our resources to continue a tradition of excellent customer service delivery, product quality, and consistency.

    Our clients are from industries like the construction sector, automobile and machine makers, hospitality and medical establishments, the aerospace industry, household manufacturers, electronics makers, and big investors in the marine sector.

    Our goal is to provide a source for different essential parts made from aluminum forging alloys. Do not hesitate to contact us about our services and join hundreds of others benefiting from our elaborate and customized aluminum forging process.

    Why Use Us?

    We are your best sources of aluminum forgings made from high-grade aluminum alloys. With us, you are assured of getting consistently excellent products at the best prices.

    Here are the top reasons why you should use our services:

    Excellent Quality Assurance

    We are happy to boast of our quality assurance because our team is confident that the investment and well-trained workers will continue excelling. The customer feedback about our product is amazing, and we have been able to maintain outstanding quality assurance at a low cost.

    Also, the surface finish is flawless, making it easy for customers to choose our products over the competition. Overall, we do everything to ensure you can continue selling our aluminum forging process parts without stress.

    Fast Shipping

    Our logistics and supply team are the best. We have the resources to meet your order requirements within the agreed lead time and can also send product samples. Shipping out products fast will encourage repeat purchases, so that is our priority.

    Seamless Services

    We have made it so easy to order aluminium forgings from us. All you need to do is send us your customer contact form, and we will take it from there. Our team can help new customers complete the ordering process and monitor the order from start to delivery.

    Also, with our capacity for mass production, we guarantee our business is a one-stop shopping service to meet all your needs for aluminium forgings with complex shapes.

    Forging Process

    The forging process is straightforward for us because we have all the equipment and professionals who know how to do it. The experts handle the heat treating part, taking the raw materials to a low melting temperature. The molted metal is poured into the mold and cooled.

    Then the product is ejected and prepared for the ready market. The molds enable producers to get hundreds of similar products in one swoop. It is usually a closed die forging process best for aluminum alloys. We ensure the products have impressive mechanical properties ready for different global industries.

    Machining and Surface Finish

    To complete the die forging process and achieve the best results, we may need to prepare the products via machining. This is to ensure the aluminum parts have a flawless close tolerance, grain structure, net shape, and surface finish.

    Surface treatment options include shot blasting, mechanical polishing, anodization, and sandblasting.

    Partner with Us Today

    There is a huge demand for the products we sell, and our sources of pure aluminum alloys are reliable. We can leverage the alloying elements to make and deliver top-rated aluminum forgings trending on the market. Also, all manufacturing processes like die forging and heat treatment are done according to standard industry regulations and environmental safety.

    Send us your customer contact form today to ask questions about our products or place an order.


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