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    In today’s society, with the aging of society, grab bars have become a common choice for most people to ensure people’s safety. Nowadays, it can be seen in toilets, hospitals, bathrooms and other places, and it has played a great role in preventing people from falling and being injured.
    The purpose of installing grab bar is to prevent falls and injuries, but many factors will affect its function and use. Next, I will tell you some of the differences between grab bars from several common differences.
    Wall-mounted grab bars
    The wall-mounted grab bar is the most popular type of grab bar that people choose. It has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability and can bear about 500 pounds of weight, which can protect people’s safety to a great extent. However, this type of grab bar is difficult to install. It needs to drive screws into the wall for installation, and each grab bar will be equipped with a corresponding snap cover to hide the installation flange and screws, and it also has an aesthetic effect. They must be installed very securely, but not on drywall.
    Material and Finish
    There are many different materials and different surface treatment methods for grab bar, but most grab bar on the market are made of stainless steel, and 304 stainless steel is the most common material. Stainless steel has the characteristics of sturdiness, corrosion resistance and long service life, so it is loved by people and is widely used in the production of grab bar. Surface treatment methods include satin, mirror polishing, shot blasting, knurling. They each have their different characteristics, like satin, mirror polishing play a beautiful role and shot blasting, knurling play a non-slip role. It can also be oxidized according to people’s needs to achieve different color effects.
    Bar Length
    Of course, the choice of the length of the grab bar is also extremely important, which depends on the different installation locations of people. There are many lengths of armrests for you to choose from, most of them are between 18 inches and 24 inches on the market.

    The grab bar is a customizable product. According to different needs, the material, length, surface treatment method, shape, etc. can be changed to meet people’s needs.



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