Aluminum Die Casting for Led Lighting

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    Our factory focuses on the customized production of various LED light housings and other metal accessories, including indoor led light housings (led downlight, led ceiling light, chandelier, etc.), outdoor led light housings (led street light, led garden light, led flood light, led wall light, etc.) and other industrial lights.

    Selection of production process of led light housing:
    We select the appropriate production process according to the customer’s shape, material, cost, assembly, and surface requirements of products.

    Most of the led light housing adopts aluminum die-casting processing and extrusion profile processing. The led light housings that producing by the two processes have high production efficiency, low cost, good heat dissipation performance of aluminum, relatively small density, and the led lights will not be too heavy to affect the assembly. Aluminum die castings led light housing generally adopt surface treatment methods such as powder coating, painting, electrophoresis and shot blasting. If anodized or plating surface treatment is required, we should choose the led light housings processed by extruded aluminum profile, which is made of 6061 or 6063. This aluminum material has relatively high density and hardness after T6 heat treatment. If anodized or plating surface treatment is done, there is little possibility of defects, and the surface is more perfect. Customers with high requirements for the surface of led light housing will choose this material and process, but the secondary CNC machining processing cost of led light housing will also be relatively high.

    According to the shape of led light housing accessories, we will also choose the stamping process with high production efficiency and low cost. The materials can be iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., according to the demand. If you need accessories with high density, you can choose zinc alloy die-casting processing, which is suitable for plating surface treatment.

    Considering the cost and product performance requirements, there are other processes to choose from, such as investment casting, forging, gravity die casting, sand casting, etc.

    Do you have a newly designed product? Our professional factories and engineers can assist you from new product development to finished product assembly and sales. We provide all-round one-stop service. Welcome to inquire.

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