Die Casting Mould

Die-casting machine, material and mold are the three essential conditions for die-casting. The die-casting process is the perfect combination of these three conditions, so that the produced castings are more beautiful, strong and durable, and meet the requirements of customers. The mold frame is mostly made of H45steel. Mold core is made of FSH13 steel.

Die-casting molds can quickly make metal parts, which is of great help to improve the production efficiency and quality of products. The die-casting mold is composed of seven systems:

1 Guiding system,
2 supporting system
3 forming part system
4 gating system
5 exhaust system
6 temperature control system
7 ejector system

The die-casting mold is mainly composed of two parts: a fixed mold and a movable mold.

The fixed mold is the main component. The fixed mold is connected with the injection port of the die-casting machine and is fixed on the injection part of the press and the gating system. It is an important part of the die-casting cavity.

The movable mold is another important part. The movable mold and the fixed mold form another whole of the molding part of the die-casting mold. They are generally fixed on the middle plate of the die-casting machine and move together with the middle plate to separate and close with the fixed mold.

Die casting, is referred to as die casting. The principle of die casting: a casting method in which molten metal becomes liquid at high temperature, is filled at high speed under high pressure and solidifies under pressure. Common pressures are 15-500MPa.The cavity can be filled in about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds, depending on the size of the casting, the speed will vary.

We can choose the number of cavities according to the size of the product. the common ones are one mold one cavity, one mold two cavities, one mold four cavities, one mold six cavities, and so on.

Basically, the service life of a mold is 50,000 to 100,000 shots.

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