Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminum die cast process is a process in which the molten liquid of aluminum alloy is poured into the mold and solidified into a casting under the action of pressure. Our factory has 180-1260 tons of cold die casting machine, which adopts high-pressure casting. The product produced by us not only has high surface tolerance grade, good toughness and high strength, but also has high productivity, at least 50000 pcs per month, and our product scrap rate is controlled within 2%. At the same time, we are also equipped with a CMM to detect and control the product tolerance and size within the range of customer requirements, and it’s tolerance is 0.0005.

In the process of die-casting production, the pressure will also directly affect the quality of products, so it is very important to choose how much pressure to use. The injection force is the force that pushes the piston in the die casting machine. The ratio of the injection force to the cross-sectional area of the pressure chamber is the specific pressure.

When selecting the appropriate specific pressure, we should first consider the hardness, density, and wall thickness required by the product.

Selection of specific pressure
The recommended selecting the specific pressure, such as:
Part type aluminum alloy zinc alloy brass
Parts bearing light load 30 ~ 40MPa 13 ~ 20MPa 30 ~ 40MPa
Parts bearing large load 40 ~ 80MPa 20 ~ 30MPa 40 ~ 60MPa
Large wall thin parts with air tightness surface 80 ~ 120mpa25 ~ 40MPa 80 ~ 100MPa

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