Kinds of Plastic Parts

Injection molding, also known as injection molding, is an injection molding method.
The advantages of injection molding are
1. The production speed is relatively fast and the productivity efficiency is high
2. Automatic operation and cost saving
3. Various colors and varieties
4. Simple to complex shape (customized according to customer requirements)
5. The production size is OK, the product size is accurate, the product is easy to update, and the parts with complex process shape can be produced.

Injection molding services we can provide
1. Tolerance: ± 0.01mm (customizable)
2. Drawing format: 2D / (PDF / CAD) 3D (IGES / step)
3. Die life: 300000-500000shots
4. Plastic materials: PA66 / PC / PE / ABS / TPU / PP, etc.
5. Surface treatment: polishing, texture, painting, etc.

AIKEHAN is a precision plastic injection mold factory. custom plastic injection molding services, professional moulding manufacturer.


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