Zamak Die Casting

Modle: AKH012-1 category:
Material: Zamak 3/Zamak 5/Zamak 7
Grade: Zamak 3
Brade: AKH
Surface finished: Chrome plated
Used: Machinery parts

Zamak alloy die casting is a precision casting process in which molten zamak alloy liquid is pressed into the product mold by high pressure and then cooled and solidified.

Our commonly used zamak alloy codes are Zamak 3# and Zamak 5#, and other codes of die-casting zamak alloy can also be ordered according to customer requirements.

Our factory has 3 zamak alloy die-casting machines, each with a monthly output of more than 60000pcs, and the defective rate is less than 1%. We provide a full range of services from mold design and manufacturing, samples, mass production, secondary machining, surface treatment, and shipment arrangement. We can also provide customized packaging and assembly services according to customers’ requirements. Zamak alloy products customized by customers include license plate frame, motor shell, door and window handle, password box handle, electronic product shell or accessories, furniture accessories, communication tool parts, etc.

We will also provide customers with salt spray tests and air tightness tests according to the application requirements of zamak die-casting products. We will send samples to customers for assembly and test free of charge and will carry out mass production only after the samples pass. At the same time, we will also be responsible for the later maintenance and repair of zamak die-casting molds.

With our perfect quality inspection system and precise inspection equipment, we conduct comprehensive inspections of the products in each production link before delivery and produce superior quality zinc alloy die-casting products.



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