Zinc Alloy Door Handle

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Zinc Alloy Door Handles

Many homeowners will not hesitate to choose the zinc alloy door handles for their home space because these products finished with high-grade zinc alloy are fantastic. This is the best time to join hundreds of wholesale distributors making much profit from selling zinc alloy door handles. The demand is high, and everyone loves them.

Our company, Aikehan, has made a name for itself on the market as one of the trusted and reliable zinc alloy handle manufacturers. You can get all the door handles made from the best quality zinc alloy door from us. Send us your customer contact form to know how you can order today.

Why Choose a Zinc Alloy Handles?

These zinc alloy handles are top-rated on the market for many reasons. The top of them is the durable nature of zinc and how beautiful the finished door handles look. The ease at which we can modify the raw zinc material to achieve different designs and durability is an added advantage.

Over time, as top-rated zinc alloy handle manufacturers, we have received outstanding reviews from our customers who sell these products daily. The homeowners love them. Here are more reasons why the zinc alloy handles are excellent:

Rust Resistance

Homeowners will not have to worry about changing their zinc alloy handles soon after installation because these door handles last a long time. They are notably corrosion resistant, which is a huge advantage because a door handle is exposed to external weather elements, which could be extreme.

Easy Maintenance

Zinc alloy is sturdy, and we use only the best raw materials to make these products the best door handles on the market. They are much better than using plain metal. No need to spend money on expensive maintenance; even with the moving parts and other hardware, they hardly require oiling.

Affordable Door Handle

We leverage our vast resources to ensure we sell these tough and elegant handles for doors at the best prices. In addition to durability, these products are affordable. You can get the best wholesale deals from us, the most reliable suppliers on the market.

Different Designs

Our clients like how they can find a wide range of oxidized black, matte, or chrome-themed zinc alloy handles on our site. We ensure maximum production so you will always find the products on sale.

Product Description

These products are much better than a plain handle because of the following features:

Material Grade

We use the Zamak 3 or Zamak 5 for production because they are the best materials for zinc alloy handles.

Product Color

These are beautifully designed chrome-colored door handles. The chrome color makes it easy to blend the zinc alloy door handle with interior decor, furniture, door panel, and wall paint.

Surface Finishing

The zinc alloy handles have a smooth chrome plated finish, which gives it an elegant look, much better than copper or nickel.

Order in Bulk Today

You can start a good business today, for example, by ordering these products that will suit your market demand. Installing authentic door handles has many benefits, and they are necessities. The physical appearance and shapes and styles also make sales easy. Send us your customer contact form to learn more about placing bulk orders.


Zamak 3/Zamak 5






Zamak 3

Surface finished:

Chrome plated


Door handle


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