Zinc Alloy Door Handle

Modle: AKH012 category:
Material: Zamak 3/Zamak 5
Color: Chrome
Grade: Zamak 3
Brade: AKH
Surface finished: Chrome plated
Used: Door handle

In people’s daily life, the door handle is a very important existence. It has a wide range of uses and uses. It can be seen almost everywhere. People use it all the time, such as in bedrooms. Gates, offices, shopping malls, and other places it has played a variety of roles.

It is precise because people need it so much, so the demand for it has become more and more. At first, it may be just for safety. Slowly, people pay more and more attention to its shape and color. Install a variety of door handles for safety, beauty, and attention.

At present, there are various door handles on the market, but the zinc alloy door handle is the one that people choose and use the most because of its sturdiness, durability, beauty, and non-corrosion characteristics, which deeply attracts people’s attention.

There is a large market for zinc alloy door handles thanks to the following:
1. Larger market: Due to the lower melting point of zinc, it is easier to cast and process, and it has a higher yield and lower manufacturing costs, so it has a fairly good competitive advantage in quality and price and is well received in the market. ‘s favorite.
2. Diversification: It can be produced according to different needs, with different materials, surface treatments, and design styles to choose from.
3. Sturdy and durable: Zinc alloy door handles have good anti-corrosion, acid resistance, wear-resistance, and other characteristics, are not easy to rust and are suitable for use in most environments.
4. Easy to maintain: General minor scratches can be handled by yourself. Just wipe with water, abrasive paper, and toothpaste.
5. Beautiful appearance: The zinc alloy door handle is exquisite in shape, thick in hand, very textured to the touch, and has fine workmanship, which is deeply loved by people.

Our zinc alloy handles will go through very strict and professional tests after production. Generally, there are cycle tests and tensile tests to check whether the products are qualified. We also have many relevant certificates to ensure the quality of production.

If you just need or want to know more about the zinc alloy door handle, you are welcome to consult at any time. You can also browse our official website or leave a message.



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