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Since 2007 Aikehan has been steadily growing a vast customer base of satisfied clients who take advantage of the one-stop source of aluminum profile extrusion parts. The successful aluminum extrusion company has built an outstanding reputation as one of the market’s top-rated suppliers of custom aluminum extrusions.

Extruded aluminum is essential for many applications in different industries. The aluminum extrusion process is quite complex, needing elaborate machining tools to modify the aluminum billet as needed. These aluminum extrusion parts find their way into different markets and industries like the aerospace industry, household manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, and many other sectors.

Quality Control Assurance

Aluminum extrusions always come out excellently when the best methods are used for the process. Also, the quality of experts who handle the production process can influence the outcomes. The production team at Aikehan has been trained to know all about aluminum extrusion and how our extensive machining tools can be used to make the perfect custom aluminum extrusions for our clients.

To enhance customer experience and guarantee satisfaction, we use top-rated CNC machining and powder coating finishes to make the final aluminum extrusion parts have the best aluminum profiles and a presentable physical appearance.

How the Aluminum Profile Extrusion Technology Works

There is a high demand for aluminum extrusions in many parts of the world, and we have established a production and distribution marketing model to ensure anyone who places bulk orders from us gets their products fast. We are able to meet the rising demand for aluminum extrusions because of the excellent extrusion process we use.

The aluminum extruded goes through intensive checks to ensure they are top-grade and have the customers’ desired features.

The aluminum extrusion technology is best described as the CNC machining tools that transform raw aluminum materials into molten forms and then modify their geometry and shape. This is done using a die-casting mold to get the final extruded aluminum parts which are in high demand.

We can make a unique mold for the aluminum extrusion for custom aluminum extrusions. Then we pass the aluminum billet through an orifice into the mold. When the billet has been melted, this is how we achieve the perfect aluminum extrusion profile for the part. After fabrication, the end product is cooled and finished with powder coating to get a perfect look, ready for shipping to your warehouse location.

Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion

The process is the best way to manufacture a variety of parts with desirable aluminum extrusion features like:

Excellent Conductivity

The parts produced through aluminum extrusion have an excellent conductivity rating, making them the best options for use in heat sinks. Also, these parts pass a wide range of performance tests, making them ideal for use in different industries all across the world.

Corrosion Resistance

Extruded aluminum, appropriately done, will be usable in different industries because they have a high level of corrosion resistance. The parts we supply last longer than other options on the market.

Excellent Finishes

Aluminum extrusion is one of the most advanced methods for producing parts because the products we supply are always perfect for the end users. Powder coating is also a top finishing option because of the final outcome. We can provide a range of aluminum extruded parts for any industry to complete the aluminum extrusion. We only need to get the mold. And that is fine for our experienced production team.

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Stay ahead in the market by partnering with us. Please send us your customer contact form with information about the extruded aluminum parts you need for heat sinks or other diverse customer demands.


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