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In the field of machining, the process of changing the shape, size, position, and other properties of parts through machining to make them into finished or semi-finished products is called machining.

The machining process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly, and other processes.

CNC machining is widely used in the field of motorcycles, because more and more people like the excitement and fun that motorcycles bring to them, and most of the people who like motorcycles are young people who are always keen on modification and customization. Own motorcycle, this kind of modification culture is now sought after by more and more young people, especially in the field of motorcycles and automobiles.

That’s why it’s a very common practice to manufacture and machine motorcycle parts with CNC machines. Because the processed product is very precise and the surface is very smooth, it is very suitable for installation and use. So no matter what special-shaped parts you want to modify, it can be done by CNC machining.

A complete CNC machining step can be roughly divided into the following points:

(1) Analyze and study the two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings of related components.
(2) Making blanks.
(3) Draw up the process route.
(4) Determine the equipment required for each process.
(5) Determine the tools, fixtures, and other tools used in each process.
(6) Determine the technical requirements of each main process and how to inspect it.
(7) Determine the machining allowance of each process.
(8) Determine the cutting amount.
(9) Determine the working hour quota.

With the rapid development of modern machining, machining technology has developed rapidly. More and more new technologies are put into practice, enabling many processes that were not possible before. Ningbo Aikehan Metal Products Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of CNC machining experience, and the workers are skilled and experienced.


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