CNC Gear Hobbing Brief Introduction

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Small module CNC hobbing machine special cutting tool is the roller hob, each hob can be processed with the same module and the number of teeth of a variety of slender and different straight teeth or oblique contour cylindrical gear.

1. The cutting of the hob is also known as the torsional action, determined by the ratio of the variable gear to its cutting speed.

2. Points of tooth artifacts of reverse action assignments When hob, pinion, and rack of meshing contact demand by torsion of the hob and its operation speed But because the blade is put in a spiral line, the direction of the cutter tooth and axis is not straight So, there is need to turn large CNC gear hobbing machine tool slide pull an Angle to that of the gear tooth to coordinate Its connection by the transmission ratio of the tooth hanging wheel to end on the single line hob, when the tool every turn, the tooth blank to turn a tooth indexing Angle, that is 1/ Z (Z is the number of teeth to be processed gear).

3. Hob along the axis of the workpiece straight feed action, this operation method is to ensure that the large CNC hobbing machine cut out the entire tooth width, by feeding the gear transmission ratio and then through the hob frame continuous screw nut to end hobbing straight gear, the Angle of turning is the spiral Angle of the tool When hobbing helical gear, the size and direction of the Angle and direction of the helical gear should be determined according to the helical direction and the size of the helical Angle.


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