LED Spotlight Housing

Spotlight is a typical unmaintained light, a modern genre lighting fixture with no fixed scale. The spotlight can freely change the lighting angle, so the effect of combined lighting is very good and ever-changing. In the past, most of the traditional spotlights used halogen lamps, which had low luminous efficiency, so the light was dark, and the power consumption was large, and its service life was relatively short. The temperature will rise, so halogen spotlights are slowly being phased out by the times. Nowadays, most people choose LED spotlights. LED spotlights are a kind of spotlights that use light-emitting diodes as light sources. Whether LED spotlights are in Lighting effects, energy saving, and environmental protection are far superior to traditional lighting tools.

LED spotlights have the following advantages:

  1. Strong luminous directivity
  2. Very fast response time
  3. The emitted light energy is concentrated and very bright
  4. Low calorific value and long life
  5. Environmental protection, energy saving

LED spotlight is mainly composed of housing, lamp bead, aluminum base plate and driver.The  housing materials of LED spotlights are mostly A380 and ADC12. The housing is generally composed of a cover and a radiator. The cover is usually produced by aluminum die-casting, and the radiator will be produced by die-casting or aluminum profiles according to the actual situation. The way to produce, the surface treatment method can also be based on customer needs, there are spray, paint, oxidation and other treatment methods. To produce LED spotlight housings, we need to use the method of customizing drawings, and we need customers to provide corresponding 2D and 3D drawings, so that more accurate data measurement can be used to make new molds and produce them.


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