Bathtub Safety Rail

With the aging of society and the rapid development of the times, in order to facilitate the lives of some special groups, if there are elderly people or children in hospitals or homes, barrier-free toilet grab bars will be installed, in order to make them more convenient and safe. In addition to the use of grab bars in hospitals and homes, such barrier-free toilet grab bars are now installed in many other public places to protect people’s safety.

Generally, these grab bars will be installed in toilets, bathrooms, bathtubs, and other places that are prone to falls. Therefore, many ABS grab bars will have many larger and more prominent anti-skid particles, which can effectively prevent slipping and protect people’s safety. Generally, the inner material of ABS handrail is 201 stainless steel, while the outside is made of ABS resin. The general colors are white and yellow, but yellow grab bars are used in most place because as people grow older, the visual senses of the elderly also change. As it becomes weaker, the cognition and operation ability to surround things gradually declines and yellow is more prominent than white, which can attract attention. Therefore, choosing yellow has become the choice of most people. Even in order to make the elderly pay more attention, some manufacturers of barrier-free grab bars will also replace the gasket at the connection of the nylon tube of the handrail in the nursing home with a night aperture. When the light decreases at night, it will emit light, which can make it easier for the elderly to identify. Security is also greatly enhanced.

ABS handrail has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability, strong stability, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and anti-skid, which can effectively protect people’s safety.

Our factory can produce ABS grab bars of various shapes, such as L-shaped grab bars, U-shaped grab bars, etc., and can also be customized according to customer needs. The diameter of ABS is 35mm, and the length can be cut according to different needs. make.


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