Aluminum Die Casting Auto Parts Mold in Automobile

Aluminum die casting is one of the pressure casting parts, which is used for pressure die casting machine, first, we will purchase material, once raw material is ingot, we will pour the heat of liquid into the aluminum or aluminum alloy die-casting machine, products finished according to mold’s shapes and dimensions, such parts are often called aluminum die-casting Aluminum.

Die casting parts have different names, such as die casting aluminum parts, aluminum dies casting parts, die casting parts, and die-casting aluminum alloy.

Because the metal aluminum and aluminum alloy has good liquidity and plasticity and casting processing is in pressure die casting machine casting, aluminum dies casting can make all kinds of complicated shapes, can also make higher precision and smooth finish greatly reducing the mechanical processing capacity of the casting and the metal aluminum or aluminum alloy casting allowance, not only saves electricity metal materials but also greatly saves the labor cost.

Aluminum alloy and aluminum have excellent thermal conductance, small specific gravity, and good machinability; So aluminum die casting is used in motor manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, internal combustion engine production, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, power construction, architectural decoration and so on…

Aluminum dies casting can be made for aluminum die casting auto parts, aluminum dies casting automobile engine pipe, and aluminum dies casting engine cylinders.

Die casting parts are widely used in auto parts advantages:

1. As heavyweight of the car itself, it’s also more fuel consumption, but aluminum alloy material is relatively light, if using aluminum alloy as auto parts can also reduce the quality of the car, can reduce the fuel consumption of the car.

2. Aluminum alloy has good corrosion and wears resistance, and can reduce the discharge of various harmful substances.

3. Aluminum alloy is a renewable energy source, so aluminum alloy material used in automobile parts casting can also reduce production costs, then it can improve the utilization rate of products.


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