Diecast Aluminum Enclosures

Modle: AKH001-1 category:
Size Custom made
surface finished black powder coating
Die casting machine Cold die casting machine
Mold life 100000shots
Mold lead time 40days
inspecification 100%before packing

Generally speaking, ADC12 and A380 have commonly used aluminum die-casting shell materials in our company, and our company has an ISO9001 certificate. The surface treatment of aluminum alloy dies castings generally includes: powder spraying (i.e. powder spraying), paint baking, oil spraying, oxidation, sandblasting, electroplating, etc. It is divided according to the thickness and finish of the product surface treatment.

The aluminum alloy die-casting shell adopts a one-time die-casting process, with waterproof and explosion-proof characteristics, which is suitable for field use. However, the price is high, and the flexibility is low. Dimensional changes can only be achieved by modifying the die.

Scope of application: household appliances, medical treatment, instruments and meters, automobile, electronics, radar, television, aerospace, hardware, daily necessities, etc.

Process features: under certain conditions, the aluminum alloy die-casting die is quickly filled into the row cavity of the die-casting die under high pressure and cooled rapidly under certain pressure. The die casting process is a process of organic combination and application of die casting alloy and die casting machine.


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