Custom Precision Machining Metal Parts

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Ningbo aikehan metal products Co., Ltd. specializes in customized production and processing of various metal parts, such as automobile and motorcycle precision die castings spare parts, customized led light housings, electrical parts, communication equipment spare parts, fire-fighting accessories, furniture metal accessories, etc. Some of these metal parts will require high precision to meet the product assembly requirements, so our company is equipped with 12 CNC machining centers and more than 20 CNC milling machines and lathes. The minimum accuracy of our CNC machining machine can reach 0.005.

CNC machining center can process the shape and accuracy you want according to the drawings, as long as you can provide design drawings and production requirements. And Custom precision machining process will not have material requirements. General aluminum alloy, copper, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and even plastic parts can also be processed by CNC machining machines. The minimum accuracy of our CNC machining machine can reach 0.005, but relatively speaking, the cost will be much higher than the general accuracy, and the scrap rate will be higher. However, the advantages of customized precision machining are also obvious. For example, before making the mold of aluminum die-casting parts, the samples can be made by customized precision machining to carry out test assembly, obtain specific data, and adjust the rationality of the part structure before making the production mold, so as to save the project time and cost. It can also carefully secondary process the metal parts produced by other processes to make up for the defects of other processing processes.


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