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Placing a bulk order for aluminum forged wheels blanks requires some knowledge. You should know whether you need hybrid or 3D specifications for the wheel blanks. There are other dimensional factors to consider.

Aikehan stands out as a manufacturer of custom-forged aluminum one-piece wheels. However, buying these products from our company is less stressful because we are always available to guide you.

The one-piece wheels made from high-grade forged aluminum are among the top sellers on the market, in addition to other wheel blanks designed for racing or conventional uses.

As an established manufacturer and distributor, we have developed a service to ensure that our forging process is suitable for producing excellent products to meet diverse market needs.

Buying Guide for Aluminum Forged Wheels

These wheels have wide applications, usable in different industries. You can find various designs on our site, read the service, and place bulk orders to meet your market demand.

Here are some of the features that make our aluminum forged wheels outstanding:

No Offsets

The market demands usually indicate the need for aluminum forged wheel blanks that do not have offsets. Therefore, you should first research to know whether the majority of your customers will want that feature.

However, you will likely find out that many orders do not want machined aluminum wheels with offsets.

The aluminum wheel blanks without offsets are more desirable in the general service market. This is so because the wheels without offsets are easier to mount.

Also, it is easier to get the wheel’s surface position that aligns with the centerline. We have considered these service factors and can produce excellent aluminum wheel blanks manufactured with custom details to meet the expected range and performance.

Centered Design

These aluminum forged wheels are best for any road and provide a more pleasant customer experience. The centered design is excellent for balance and helps vehicles move smoothly. Our offer ensures that these wheels’ engineering is top-notch and safe.

Web Thickness

We consider geometric measurements to forge aluminum wheel blanks that do not have restrictions. The web thickness range we offer is according to the industry standards for one piece or more.

We have produced a range of high-performance aluminum wheels that are a marvelous wonder when it comes to excellent engineering. We continue to strive to achieve dimensional accuracies in web thickness for the safety of all road users.

The web thickness for the 3D forged aluminum wheels can be up to 2.50 inches, while the hybrid versions can be 0.75 inches from the lip.

Center Bore Engineering Design

The machined opening on this set of aluminum forged wheels forms the center bore. These features help improve the driver’s experience by keeping the wheels stable.

There are fewer chances of vibrations because the center bore has accurate sizes on all wheels we have produced and is fit for customers.

Check Out Our Offer Online

If you want to perfect the size of aluminum forged wheels in bulk, visit our product page. You can order any of these sizes to offer a wide range to your customers.

We read every order closely to understand your needs and produce the best wheels accordingly, whether it is the 6061 t6 range or other types of aluminum wheels. Send us your customer contact form to order.


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