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injection molding automotive parts materials:

In addition to metal parts, there are many injection molding parts for automobiles, such as door handles, wipers, radiators, cylinder heads, and so on.

1. Nylon material (PA)

Nylon material is mainly used for auto engine parts. Compared with metal, nylon material has low cost and small weight. Reinforced nylon can also be used in other automotive stress components, such as wipers, radiators, oil filters, etc.

 Nylon can also be used in engine peripheral parts of the car, such as the intake manifold, which is a peripheral part of the engine and requires heat-resistant and anti-vibration materials. The primary choice is glass fiber reinforced nylon because it has high strength, precision, dimensional stability, and low price.

2. Polyester material (PBT)

PBT is mainly used in automobile bumpers, fenders, instrument panels, accelerators, clutch pedals, and other components. PBT has high corrosion resistance in environments with high humidity, so it is often used in electrical appliances, kitchen equipment, and other accessories to prevent safety hazards caused by the corrosion of components.

3. Polyoxymethylene material (POM)

POM is a very marketable material in the automotive industry. POM has the advantages of lightweight, high hardness, wear resistance, creep resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It can be used to make auto parts such as automobile pumps, carburetor parts, oil pipes, power valves, Wanshang joint bearings, motor gears, cranks, handles, instrument panels, and car windows lifters, electric switches, seat belt buckles, etc. Especially for wear-resistant parts such as sliders, modified POM is very suitable. These parts have minor metal wear, reduce the amount of lubricating oil, and enhance the service life of the details.

4. Polycarbonate material (PC)

Due to its excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, rigidity and good processing fluidity, modified PC is mainly used in automobiles for exterior and interior parts, parts around instrument panels, anti-freeze panels, door handles, yin flow Plates, brackets, steering column sheaths, decorative panels, air conditioning system parts, lamp parts and other auto parts.


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