Generally, a sand mold and a metal film are used to pour the heated aluminum or aluminum alloy into the mold cavity. The obtained parts with different shapes, sizes, dimensions, and structures are called aluminum die castings.

Compared with some other metals, aluminum alloys for casting have some incomparable advantages over other metals. Aluminum alloys are light in weight but high in strength, strong in corrosion resistance, good in surface gloss, low in melting point, good in fluidity, and beautiful in appearance. Because of these characteristics of aluminum alloy, it has become a hot “star” in the industry. Especially used in the automotive industry is particularly significant.

The four basic processes in the die casting industry are deactivation, normalizing, quenching, and tempering. Among them, the relationship between quenching and tempering in die casting production is very close, and the two are inseparable.

Annealing: When the part is heated to a certain temperature, the die casting is cooled to make the internal structure of the part reach a balanced state.
Normalizing: After heating the part to a suitable temperature, it is cooled in the air. This process is used for the cutting function of the material.
Quenching: After the parts are heated and kept warm and then rapidly cooled in water or some other organic salt solution, the quenched parts will be harder, but at the same time, they will become more brittle.
Tempering: Place the quenched parts below 650 degrees Celsius and keep them warm for a long time at a temperature higher than normal temperature, which can greatly reduce the brittleness of the parts.

Thanks to the good fluidity and plasticity of aluminum, various parts with complex structures and difficult shapes can be produced, and thanks to its high precision and smooth surface, it can be greatly To improve work efficiency and reduce costs, aluminum die castings are widely used in various automotive manufacturing, high-precision instruments, machinery manufacturing, and other industries.

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