Handicap Rails for Shower

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Location for installation of accessible shower handicap rails

To find the best position for your handicap rails, it’s a good idea to test it out for the disabled yourself. If you are installing the railing for your own use, remember that you need to put it in a convenient place so you can quickly grab it if you slip. An ideal location between the balustrade shower head support and shower control. There’s usually room for a railing, but don’t put it too high, as that can be dangerous.

Materials for accessible shower handicap rails

Once you know where the handicap rails should go, you should decide what material the rails should be made of. Tracks can be made of wood, metal, or PVC. Metal is the traditional barrier-free shower track material, but it can cause problems in shower rooms as it can easily become slippery. A disabled person who slips in the shower is likely to have wet hands, so be aware of this. Wood is unlikely to turn into soap as it can absorb water, but mold and wood decay is likely to accumulate. Of course, disabled people should be allowed to choose whatever materials they like.

Accessible shower armrest accessories

Accessories are crucial when installing barrier-free shower handrails. These fittings are designed to prevent the rails from moving during use and to withstand a lot of stress when disabled people need support. Fittings should be used with extra-long screws to ensure they are firmly attached to the wall, and installers should regularly check the rails themselves for loosens. Shower tracks should be horizontal to prevent sliding, and fittings should be made of waterproof metal and other elements. The shower railing used to pull the disabled over the threshold should also be firmly attached to the wall to ensure that the wall does not separate from the railing when in use


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