Washroom Grab Bars

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How to install washroom grab bars?

In order to facilitate the elderly and the disabled to enter and exit the washroom, I-type grab bars can be set at the bathroom door, and the handle on the sliding door should also have the handrail function.

We also recommend installing L-shaped grab bars next to the toilet. The horizontal part of this handrail is used for support, and the vertical part can be pulled, which is useful for helping the disabled or the elderly stand up after defecation.

At the same time, the U-shaped grab bar can be installed on the side of the toilet, parallel to the L-shaped one. The combination of the two can provide support on both sides of the toilet, making it easier for people, especially the elderly and the disabled, to get up. For the elderly who need to use wheelchairs, U-shaped grab bars are also very suitable. After the wheelchair moves to the side of the toilet, move the folding armrest up, and the user can smoothly move to the side of the toilet. With the combination of L-shaped armrest and U-shaped armrest, it is much easier to wear and take off pants.

In addition, we also suggest installing a corresponding angle grab bar on the wash basin, which can ensure the safety of people, especially the elderly and the disabled, in the process of moving, and it is also more labor-saving.

Safety grab bars are not only commonly used in washrooms, but also widely used in other indoor and outdoor areas. The correct selection, installation, and use of handrails are very effective in improving the quality of life of the elderly and reducing the burden on caregivers.


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