What is Computerized Numerical Control(CNC)

Numerical Control technology also called Numerical Control (NC), which is a way of controlling mechanical movement and machining process by using digital information. As modern Numerical Control uses a computer to control, so it can also be called Computerized Numerical Control (CNC).

The numerical control technology is the use of digital information to control the mechanical movement and working process of technology, is a new modern industrial production, the development of very rapid high-tech. Numerical control equipment’s technical scope covers the fields are: Machinery manufacturing technology, microelectronics technology, information processing, processing, transmission technology, automatic control technology, servo drive technology, detection and monitoring technology, sensor technology, software technology, etc. CNC is the development of new high-tech industries and cutting-edge industries (such as the information technology industry, biotechnology and industry, aviation, aerospace, and other national defense industry) enabling technology and the most basic equipment. It has improved productivity, reduced costs, ensured processing quality, and improved personal labor intensity and other aspects advantages, especially in adapting to the rapid replacement of mechanical products, small-batch, multi-variety production, and all kinds of CNC equipment to achieve the key to advanced manufacturing technology.

Best CNC lathe features: 

(1) Highly flexible On CNC machine tool processing parts, mainly depends on the processing procedures, it’s different from the ordinary machine tool, no need to manufacture, change the number of tools, often no need to adjust the machine, CNC machine tools are suitable for the occasion of frequent replacement parts, which is suitable for single piece and small batch production and the development of new products, it can shorten production preparation cycle, also can save the cost of a large number of process equipment.

(2) Has higher machining accuracy, the general password can reach 0.005 ~ 0.1, the data of machine tool is according to the form of digital signal control, numerical control device for each pulse signal, the output is the machine moving parts move a pulse equivalent (0.001 mm), and machine tool feed drive chain of reverse gap and the screw pitch error of the mean can compensate by the numerical control device, for This, CNC machine tool positioning accuracy is relatively high.

(3) stable processing quality, reliable processing of the same batch of parts, in the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, usingsame props and processing procedures, the tool path is completely the same, the consistency of parts, high quality.

(4) Higher efficiency,large range of nc machine tool spindle speed and feed, allow large sales of strong cutting machine, CNC machine tool is now into the era of tell processing, numerical control machine tool moving parts of the fast moving and positioning and tell machining, reduce the intermediate process between the turnaround time, improve the production efficiency.

(5) longer continuous working hours, the machine can automatically continuous processing until the end, the operator is mainly the input, editing, loading and unloading parts, tool preparation, processing condition observation, parts inspection, etc, greatly reduce the Labour intensity, machine operator Labour tends to intellectual work In addition, machine tools are generally closed processing, which is very clean and safe.

(6) conducive to the production management of modern CNC machine tool processing, can accurately estimate the processing time in advance, the tool used, fixture can be standardized, modern management Numerical control machine tool can use digital signal and standard code for control information, easy to realize the standardization of processing information, has been organically combined in computer aided design and manufacturing, now is the basis of integrated guidance technology.




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