What’s Passivation Process of Die Casting Aluminum Parts

What’s Passivation Process of Die Casting Aluminum Parts?

General principle of passivation: the corrosion products produced by aluminum alloy die castings due to the action of media form a layer of film, which is closely covered on the surface of aluminum alloy die castings, which changes its surface state, greatly changes the electrode potential of aluminum alloy die castings in the positive direction, and becomes a corrosion-resistant passive state.

The advantages of passivation:
Passivation will not change the thickness or size of the product, and the color will not change.

Aluminum alloy is easy to passivate and can form a dense protective film to protect the internal properties of aluminum parts, so as to protect aluminum parts and prevent oxidation and pollution.
The passivation film formed on the surface of aluminum die castings not only protects the parts, but also has the ability of self repair, so it is more durable and stable than the general anti-corrosion coating.

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