Difficulties in CNC machining of stainless steel

Difficulties in CNC Machining of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel machining also requires many requirements. There will be some difficulties. During construction, effective preparations need to be made for these difficulties. The main difficulties are the following four aspects.

First of all, the selection and use of tools are very key. The wear of tools is serious, and it is difficult to remove chips. The actual operation is relatively difficult.

Secondly, when processing stainless steel, the operation of low heat conduction has high requirements for the professional quality of relevant technicians, and tool wear and plastic deformation of tools often occur.

Third, the powder caused by processing is easy to accumulate, which has a certain impact on the subsequent processing and production.

Fourth, the physical and chemical relationship between the tool and the processed material is complex, so it is difficult to accurately grasp it in the process of actual operation.

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