Advantages of 5 axis CNC machining

Advantages of 5 axis CNC machining

1. Advantage of complex shape processing
At present, the mainstream two axis CNC machine tools in mainland China have high machining accuracy and efficiency for some parts with regular shape and low machining difficulty. However, for some parts with complex shapes and difficult processing, which are specially used in aviation, military industry and other fields, ordinary CNC machine tools usually do not have the ability of precision processing. The 5 axis machining equipment can easily deal with various parts with complex shapes and has great advantages in machining parts with irregular shapes.

2. Advantages of higher machining accuracy
Compared with ordinary CNC machining equipment, the machining tools of powerful 5 axis machining equipment can process from five different directions. Therefore, this 5 axis machining can produce higher machining accuracy in the processing of small and micro parts and ensure that the parts can play a more stable role in the equipment.

3. Advantages of faster processing efficiency
In fact, the 5 axis machining equipment with reasonable price is usually more precise and more complex than the ordinary two-axis and three-axis CNC machine tools. The directions that can be processed at the same time are also more diverse and rich. Therefore, in the processing efficiency of some prismatic parts, it has the higher processing efficiency than ordinary CNC machine tools do not have, which can effectively improve the production speed of parts and components of manufacturers.
The emergence of 5 axis processing equipment has brought better conditions for the production of equipment in some high-precision and cutting-edge fields and can help manufacturers produce better and higher quality products. On the whole, the five axis machining equipment not only has natural advantages for the machining of complex parts but also has the characteristics of higher machining accuracy and faster machining efficiency. These are the main advantages of the 5 axis machining equipment.

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