Plastic Injection Molding Medical Parts

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Our injection molding products are not only suitable for the automotive industry but also for the electronics, aerospace, and communication industries. We also produce continuous stamping dies and metal stamping parts.

*CPK rate: ≥ 1.33
*Tolerance range: ± 0.01 mm
*Die size: the maximum weight is 1000 kg (weight); 500L * 500W * 500h (volume)

Product material
*Plastic part: PPS, PPA, PBT, pet, PC, POM, nylon, Derlin, acrylic, etc.
*Special material: PEEK

Types of injection molding products, such as:
Electronic component pins, connectors, auto parts, switches, mechanical components, sensors, fasteners, gears, etc.

How to avoid the peculiar smell of injection molding.

1. Strictly control the use of additives

The TERT amines used in the production process of polyurethane foam will bring a strong odor and fog to windows. We can find these substituted amines to use polyhydroxy compounds. Polyhydroxy compounds are not only components of polyurethane molecular chains but also have catalytic activity. Some polyhydroxy compounds can even replace half of the tertiary amine catalysts. The smell of injection molding products becomes lighter.

2. Choose purer resin

In many plastic molds, especially in polyvinyl chloride, styrene, polyvinyl acetate, and acrylate, the residual trace monomer will produce an unpleasant smell. If the self odorless resin is selected, the effect is better.

3. Pay attention to the use of adsorbent

If a few zeolites are filled in the polymer, the data smell can be removed. Zeolites have a lot of crystalline emptiness, which can capture those small gas molecules with the smell.


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