Wholesale Grab Rail For Stairs Custom Shower Support Bar

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The bathroom grab bar is to ensure safety. It is installed in a wet bathroom or bathtub to maintain the balance of the body. It can be very effective in preventing the elderly and children from falling and being injured in a humid environment.

As people pay more and more attention to the safety in the bathroom and the protection of the body, the development and use of grab bars are becoming more and more rapid and widespread. The styles and styles of grab bars in the bathroom are becoming more and more diverse. The mainstream ones on the market can be divided into stainless steel grab bars, and ABS grab bars. They each have their own advantages. You can choose which product to choose according to different needs.

The surface treatment methods of stainless steel grab bar include polishing, wire drawing, shot blasting, hob, and the common materials of ABS grab bar are ABS and nylon, and the anti-skid effect of ABS grab bar is better.

These two grab bars are wall-mounted grab bars, and their installation methods are similar. First, you need to drill a hole in the wall, then install the grab bar, and then use an electric drill to tighten the screws. If there is a right corner, you can cut 45 Angle butt joints, glue them on with AB glue, and then tighten them with screws. At the same time, each grab bar will also be equipped with a corresponding decorative cover, which will be used to hide the mounting flange and screws after installation, which not only plays a protective role but is also more beautiful.

The stainless steel grab bar has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability, strong corrosion-resistance, and good wear resistance. It is not easy to rust and age in a humid environment, and the overall structure will not loosen. At the same time, the streamlined design style is more beautiful and ergonomic.


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