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    We have three-axis, four axis and five axis CNC machine tools, which can provide high precision, amazing flexibility and decent output for almost any processing project. We not only have different machines but also have a team committed to providing you with first-class service. We assure you that no matter the size of the work, our professionals will regard it as their work. We can also provide prototype NC machining services to help you clearly understand the final product. CNC MACHINING SERVICE

    Materials Available: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, etc.

    Drawing Format:2D/(PDF/CAD)3D(IGES/STEP)

    Roughness:Ra0.2-Ra3.2 (Custom Available)

    Surface treatment: Anodizing/Polishing/Plating/Painting

    Tolerance:±0.01mm (Custom Available)

    The division of CNC machining process flow of NC machine tools can generally be carried out in the following ways:

    The tool centralization sequencing method is to divide the process flow according to the common tools and use the same tool CNC to process all the possible positions on the parts. Use the second knife and the third knife to carry out other positions they can carry out. In this way, the frequency of tool change can be reduced, the idle time can be reduced, and the redundant accurate positioning difference can be reduced.
    According to the structural characteristics of CNC parts with many processing contents, the processing part can be divided into many parts, such as inner shape, appearance design, inclined plane or plan, etc. Generally, first, process the plan and accurate positioning surface, and then process the hole; First process simple geometric shapes, and then complex geometric shapes; First process the position with low precision, and then process the position with high precision.
    For the parts prone to CNC machining deformation, the rough and finish CNC machining sequence method must be used to calibrate the shape because of the possible deformation after rough machining.

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