How to choose the material of aluminum alloy die casting mold

How to choose the material of aluminum alloy die casting mold?

The working conditions of aluminum alloy die casting die are different from other dies. Generally speaking, it must work at about 500 ℃. In addition to high pressure, it must also withstand the influence of high temperature. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the selection of die steel for aluminum alloy die casting die.

① Excellent machinability

In order to improve efficiency and reduce tool loss and cost, the hardness of die steel must be appropriate, which is conducive to later repair and maintenance.

② High temperature resistance and good stability

In the forming process of aluminum alloy die casting die after heat treatment, because the steel is resistant to high temperature and has good stability, the shape and size change caused by temperature difference after heat treatment is small, and the material organization structure is also stable, so it can be reduced or no longer processed, so as to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the die.

③ Easy polishing and high finish
High quality aluminum alloy die castings require small cavity surface roughness. Therefore, the aluminum alloy die casting factory must polish the cavity to reduce the surface roughness. Therefore, the requirements for steel are very high. There must be few impurities, fine and uniform structure, and there are no spots or other defects in the polishing process.
④ High hardness and good wear resistance
During the production process,the die casting mold will subject to big pressure and friction,so high hardness and good wear resistance is important for mold materials,and then the mold can keep the accuracy and hardness of die casting parts appearance and dimensions to guarantee the life of mold.Heat treatment hardness will also affect the wear resistance of the die. Therefore, increasing the hardness of the mold will help improve its abrasion resistance..
In addition, when selecting materials, it is also necessary to consider preventing scratch and gluing.
Mold manufacturing is the most important part of the whole project. It is related to the cost of the whole project and whether it can be carried out smoothly. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional mold manufacturer.

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