Difference between aluminum profile products and die cast aluminum products

Difference between aluminum profile products and die cast aluminum products

Aluminum alloy products are divided into die-casting aluminum products and aluminum profile products. The essential difference between the two is that one is manufactured by die-casting die and the other is extruded by extrusion die. The raw materials of both are aluminum alloy (generally aluminum magnesium silicon alloy).

1. Die casting aluminum products have complex shapes and can be cast in any shape. Aluminum profile products have a uniform section (the section is the same when sawn from any section), such as pen tube, shell of charging treasure, shell of servo motor, etc.

2. Although both raw materials are aluminum alloy, ADC12 or alsi9cu3 are generally used for die-casting aluminum products, and 6063 or 6061 aluminum alloy is generally used for aluminum profile products.

3. The general conductivity of die-casting aluminum products is about 80-90w / m.k, while the thermal conductivity of aluminum profile products is about 180-190w / M.K.

4. The production cost of die-casting aluminum products is high because the die-casting die is expensive. The extrusion die of aluminum profile products has the advantages of relatively low price, high production efficiency and relatively low production cost.

5.Die cast aluminum products are generally used in automobile, lighting and electronic industries. Aluminum profile products are widely used in automation equipment, medical devices, transportation, electronics and electrical appliances and other industries.
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