Countermeasures for bumping of aluminum alloy die castings

Countermeasures for Bumping of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

1. After opening the mold or punching the edge, the part touches the edge and corner of the mold, equipment, or worktable;
2. Improper stacking of aluminum alloy die castings in each operation process;
3. Improper operation of operators in each operation process, such as throwing parts;
4. Transfer between processes, such as no separation protection, collapse, etc;
5. Collision of operation tools in each operation process, such as die-casting take-off hook, take-off pliers, etc., and file and punch in the cleaning process.
6. Take care not to bump when taking parts;
7. According to the requirements of operation instructions, stacking is not allowed, and must be neatly placed in the station instruments one by one;
8. It is not allowed to throw pieces and handle them with care. For example, aluminum alloy die castings must slide down from the workbench slowly, and collision with each other is not allowed;
9. The aluminum alloy die castings in the station apparatus must be protected and separated, and the transfer shall be slow to prevent collapse or falling of castings;
10. Use the operating tools correctly to prevent collision. It is not allowed to pick up or pick up the casting body of aluminum alloy die castings. The cleaning file and punch must be accurately operated at the parts to be cleaned.
11. When storing aluminum alloy die castings, they need to be placed in a ventilated and dry environment;
12. Avoid contact between aluminum alloy die castings and other chemical elements. After contact with other chemical elements, other changes will occur to aluminum alloy die castings;
13. As aluminum is an active metal, it is easy to oxidize after contact with a certain temperature. When placing aluminum alloy die castings, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight;
14. It is better to place the aluminum alloy die casting in a specific position to ensure the integrity of the aluminum alloy die casting without any other changes;
15. When placing aluminum alloy die castings, do not let the die castings contact with water. After contact with water, it is easy to blacken the aluminum alloy die castings.
Generally, aluminum alloy die castings can have good luster, color, and weather resistance only by keeping them from being damaged.

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