CNC milling Stainless steel

CNC Milling Stainless Steel

CNC milling Stainless steel – the selection of appropriate cutting fluid should have the following characteristics:

Excellent cooling performance ensures that the heat during machining and cutting can be effectively reduced.
Stainless steel has high toughness and is easy to produce knife tumors during cutting and deteriorate the machined surface, which requires stainless steel cutting fluid to have excellent lubrication performance and play a better lubrication role.
The stainless steel cutting fluid shall have good permeability and play a good role in wedge cracking, diffusion, and internal lubrication for chips that are not easy to be cut off.

For high-strength stainless steel processing, selecting appropriate stainless steel cutting fluid and professional lubrication technical guidance can not only effectively prolong tool life, improve processing efficiency and reduce enterprise production cost! Moreover, in terms of workpiece machining accuracy, it can effectively improve the machining accuracy, greatly meet the machining needs and improve the technical competitiveness of enterprises.

Stainless steel is a common material in the CNC milling process, cutting fluid can help us reduce the defective rate. We will choose appropriate processing methods and tools according to different materials and shapes.

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