Advantages of aluminum casting process

Advantages of Aluminum Casting Process

1. Die casting can form thin-walled and deep cavity parts with complex shapes and clear contours. Because the metal melt has high fluidity under the action of high speed and high pressure, thin-walled and complex metal parts can be obtained, which are not easy to be obtained by other casting processes.

2. Due to the advantages of accurate size and smooth surface of die castings, they can be used directly without machining, or the processing volume is very small. Therefore, die casting production not only improves the utilization rate of metal materials but also reduces a large number of processing equipment and processing hours.

3. The temperature and pressure of aluminum alloy mold are much higher than that of plastic mold, and the requirements for correctness are particularly strict. Even if a good die is welded, the die cannot be used. Aluminum die castings are similar to plastics and molds are easier to use.

4. Die castings have high dimensional accuracy, generally equivalent to grade 6 ~ 7, or even grade 4; Good surface finish, generally equivalent to grade 5 ~ 8.

5. Die casting products not only have a high utilization rate, but also the output of die castings is generally large, which makes the fixed cost of die casting production shared equally to each piece less, so the price of die castings is relatively cheap.

6. The service life of die-casting die is long. A pair of die-casting die for aluminum alloy die-casting can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of times

7. Although the precision of aluminum alloy die casting is higher, it is worse than plastic and the draft force is greater than plastic. The overall structure should not be too messy. If necessary, the messy part shall be broken down into two or more parts.

8. Easy to use inserts. It is easy to set a positioning mechanism on the die-casting die, which is convenient to insert the insert and meet the local special performance requirements of die-casting

9. The screw hole die of aluminum alloy die-casting only makes cone pits and is processed after use. For parts with strict requirements, a post-processing capacity of 0.3mm is generally reserved.

10. Aluminum alloy die castings are prone to air holes, which should be paid attention to in appearance.

11. It is difficult to anodize the silicon-containing surface of aluminum die castings. Generally speaking, if the time is a little longer, it will be displayed in black. Aluminum die castings cannot be anodized but can be sprayed with oil or plastic.

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